Pre-Purchase Surveys

Marine Surveyor marine surveys Boat SafetyThis is the most comprehensive survey. The client may be a first time buyer, or already a boat owner who is looking for a replacement boat. The client may not have an engineering background, or not be familiar with boat construction, or the various systems found on modern day narrowboats and therefore relies on the expertise of a marine surveyor.

As previously mentioned the boat will need to be brought ashore into a dry dock, or onto a slipway etc. Once ashore the hull plating and welds will be visually checked for damage and defects; followed by hammer sounding and ultra-sonic thickness testing of the plates to assess their thickness. The steering gear, stern gear and weed hatch assemblies, plus any sea cocks and sacrificial anodes will be examined for damage and defects. 

A detailed inspection will be carried out of the propulsion machinery, and any generating machinery, (both non-invasive), fuel, electrical, gas, water, sewage, heating and any other domestic, or service systems. The cabin superstructure, decks, doors, hatches, windows and ports etc. are similarly inspected, as are the internal fit out, appliances, overall condition.  Safety equipment and general compliance with the Boat Safety Scheme are also checked during the inspection.

Following the inspection a detailed report will be produced, usually within 3 to 4 working days. The report informs the client of any defects found during the inspection that may, or will need rectification works prior to purchase or to negotiate the previously agreed purchase price; plus recommendations and suggestions about the rectification works.

The report also provides the client with much more information about the boat than that usually provided by the vendor/broker.  The report also highlights areas of the boat, it's machinery and systems that will need to be addressed as part of an on-going maintenance schedule to maintain the boat in a satisfactory condition.

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